Why This, Why Now? My Parkinson’s Journey

August 12, 2019

Parkinson’s is a neuro-degenerative disease, that is often misunderstood. Leading those diagnosed to become scared and worried about their future. Many online resources focus on the later stages of the disease presenting those diagnosed with the final “outcome” rather than the (often long) journey, which may allow a high quality of life for many years.

Walking in Scotland shortly after diagnosis

With the focus of available resources online, that tend to show highly developed later symptoms, recently diagnosed patients seem to “stay in the closet” at work and even with friends, scared that the “perception” of Parkinson’s will undermine their careers and relationships. It’s a vicious circle, keeping their diagnosis to themselves and perpetuating an outdated view of the disease. We need to challenge the stereo types and make it OK to be open about your diagnosis, without fear of discrimination.

Currently Parkinson’s sufferers may initially become fearful of the future, and re-assess their life choices, self-limiting their own life experiences and undermining their potential. In many cases this is unnecessary. With the right attitude, medication, diet and lifestyle Parkinson’s sufferers can lead a rich and full life for many more years to come.

In an online blog format, our goal is to present the journey through the early stages of Parkinson’s through the eyes of a Young Onset patient. Intended to be fun, informative, positive and life affirming, this blog sets out to dispel some of the Parkinson’s myths, and offer younger patients or those recently diagnosed, and their families, an alternative narrative that illustrates the opportunities that still exist to lead a rich and full life.

Phill Robinson

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